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Books to slim your waist

Updated: May 20, 2020

As a lover of food, wine and cocktails it can be quite easy to pile on the pounds. However, since I discovered the Hairy Dieters cook books the weight is creeping off me. The key is that wonderful flavour does not mean extra calories.

This is one of my favourite cook books from Si & Dave; The Hairy Dieters Fast Food. I particularly enjoy this one as the recipes only take 30 minutes and are really easy to follow. At £5.99 on Amazon at the moment it is a real bargain.

The 8 week blood sugar diet cook book

For anyone who really wants to speed up their weight loss in a healthy way this cook book is a must. The aim is to eat 800 calories a day and move more. The pounds just fall off you, and after a week or 10 days I found that my appetite reduced and I didn't feel too hungry. The key for me with this way of eating is to have a plan so that you've got all the ingredients for the week ahead. This book by Clare Bailey really helped me in doing that. Also if you know anyone with Diabetes; this is a great way for them to affect their condition and blood sugar levels.

I bought this having read the forerunner, the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Moseley

Both books are worth buying and reading, in my opinion. Although the recipe book is easiest to cook from due to its size.

The Hairy Dieters have done it again and created a wonderful cookbook for Veggies. It is fantastic, and enables you to embrace a balanced diet if you're a vegetarian. As an omnivore I love it too as I love to mix-up our meals with vegetarian days too.

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