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New Direction

Updated: May 20, 2020

Since my husband retired from Wealth Management and running his own practice in 2017 I've been walking around in circles in my own head.

My mind is busy, and enjoys being busy. Shutting down his business in 2017 that I'd been involved in was exhausting, exhilarating and a bit shattering. I loved the freedom it created and continues to create for us both. It did however leave me at then age 34 a little bit restless. I still am a little bit restless (no longer aged 34) despite helping friends out with work from time to time, volunteering to appraise charitable grant applications for a foundation, painting oil paintings on commission of beautiful dogs, metal detecting and travelling (a lot of travelling). So here I am. Here this is. This is going to be a platform for my random musings, and it might just help me feel connected in a way that my solitary painting doesn't.

Despite reading a thousand blog posts from Medium (which is a fantastic app if you've not tried it) about how you should do one project at once, and nail it. I am doing something completely different, continuing to create oil paintings and this. Hopefully this will help me feel useful. So there you go. Today is the beginning of the imperfect Sophia's Loves blog (and everything else in between).

Sophia x

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