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Barbados Blues. A moment of rum filled activity on Mullins Beach, Barbados. One of those delightful days when the whole afternoon ahead of you is filled with beautiful experiences. Memories of watching the turtles eating the sea grass from the shore, a roti in hand and then the delightful feeling of a post lunch cocktail.


The texture of the painting reflects the surface; Oil painting on Cotton stretched Canvas. 


The size of the piece is 16 x 18 inches. and is framed.


This series of paintings are to remind us of happy times, happy places, happy spaces. 


The photograph of the painting was shot on my iphone.

Water Borne Hedonism- Mullins Beach, Barbados - 16 x 18 inches

  • I have created a flat rate to cover all UK, and International Options for a piece that is sold without a frame.

    Standard Shipping of this item is £10 to the UK

    Standard Shipping is £35 to the rest of the World.

  • 16 x 18 inches

    Oil Painting

    Winsor & Newton Stretched Cotton Canvas onto Wooden Frame. 

    Shipped ready to hang

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