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Sophia Williams


About Sophia Williams


My history has taken me to live all over the country. Starting off in Yorkshire, then to Cheshire, London, Manchester, Ribble valley and now North Norfolk. The North Norfolk Coast is a gem of a place, and I am proud to call it my home.

I ran Revolve Art gallery for several years supporting Northern Artists. It was based in the city centre of Manchester and subsequently in the Ribble Valley. Running the gallery enabled me to engage, advise and absorb the varied aspects of being a professional artist. 

An impressionist painter who works mainly in oils. I live in Stiffkey on the North Norfolk Coast. I take my inspiration from the ever-evolving landscape that I am lucky enough to call home.


Having long admired the Impressionists; my work employs methods that they used. I am fascinated with the effect of light on the landscape and my work reflects that obsession.

My philosophy when painting is to capture the essence of the time and the place. I want the viewer to step into my expansive beachscapes, and get lost in them.


My signature Rose on the back of my work is a combination of my initials and a nod to my Yorkshire roots. 

Please take a look at my gallery for my latest creations.

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3 Riverbank/ Stiffkey/ Norfolk

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