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Welcome to the website of impressionistic oil painter, wine educator and marketeer, Sophia Williams.

Discover my gallery of oil paintings in Stiffkey, Norfolk. A selection of my creations are curated here.

"A sense of wonder" - is what I endeavour to embody in the work that I create. The raw beauty of the North Norfolk Coast ceaselessly ignites that sense of awe in me. 
There are impressionistic oil paintings, available to buy now in the shop section of my website.

I undertake bespoke art commissions during select times during the year. My next commission window is from 21st August 2024, to scope the work and book it in for September 2024. I will be accepting orders on a first come first serve basis. To get a booking please email me with details of your enquiry.

Would you liked to see my work in person?
Please get in touch if you would like to see any of my pieces in the studio. I personally feel that you need to see the work to really see it. No matter how hard I try, the digital photography doesn't do it justice.
Drop me an email, 

I was the trail coordinator for the North Norfolk Open Studios, Coastal Marsh Artists section, which started on the 27th May and ended on the 4th June 2023. This years open studios event ran from the 26th May until the 2nd June 2024.
Take a look at my new events page, which lists the events I'm involved in, in 2024. Find out more by clicking here.

Have a read of the wonderful piece about me in the Norfolk 
edition of Muddy Stilettos

You might wonder why I am an artist and a wine educator? Both involve sharing joy. There is magic in appreciating the ethereal qualities of a glass of wine. For me wine is a conversation maker, story teller, time capsule, that constantly evolves in front of you and with your own experiences. There is a symmetry between this and a landscape painting, as beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. A painting can transport you to a place, a memory, the smells of the sea or a specific view and be timeless and of the time too.  

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