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Updated: May 20, 2020

Do ever see posts on social media when your friends are at a gig of your all time favourite artist and wonder, why aren't I there? Well here are my top tips on how to make sure that the next time you are there!

1. Fan-Clubs

Sign up to all your favourite bands fan clubs. This can be as simple as liking their facebook page; or going onto a website and filling in a form.

If you don't like too many artists this can be done within a lunch break.

It is worth going through your spotify or itunes playlists and look at who you would like to see live. You might have forgotten about a few of your favourite artists.

2. Pre-Sale / General Sale Alert

When you hear about a pre-sale or general release set an alarm on your calendar on your phone or computer for 15/20 minutes before the time of the ticket release.

The reason for this is that you need to be logged into the ticketing agent that the tickets are being sold on before the release of the tickets occurs. This is especially helpful if you're buying tickets from your phone, and you've forgotten your password for the agent, e.g. Ticketmaster or Seetickets. The 15/20 minute buffer gives you enough time to reset your passwords and to be logged on before the tickets are released.

3. Venue love

Do you have a favourite local venue? We have several in the North that I love to see live music at. My top tip is for you to sign up to their newsletters too. This helps you sometimes get ahold of tickets before they go on general release.

Some venues for example, the Liverpool Philharmonic, allow you to pay a fee for pre-release ticket access at their venue for a whole year. Which is great as it enables you to support your venue and give you more of a chance of getting the best seats.

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