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Travel Addict?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Picture this, a lazy Sunday making idle chit chat with your beloved and he comes out with this little loaded question, "I think we're travel addicts". Well, duh. I personally don't see this as a problem, perhaps it is?

When my husband 'retired' in May 2017 it gave him a lot more time to enjoy holidays. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on what makes a great holiday for me, oh sorry, for us! Before Martin retired holidays needed to tick three boxes, warmer than home, relaxing with not too much effort to be exerted whilst there/ getting there and near the beach. Now our requirement list is somewhat different. And I think I might have had a hand in scoping that.


Our best holidays have involved being with people we love. Most of which we've picked up on other adventures and due to the wonders of social media we have been able to keep in touch with them without too much formality or forced contact. Spending time with friends abroad just imbues us with joy, and makes the journeys that much more wonderful.


I can't help it, I think it's ingrained in me, I'm stimulated by new. New smells, new images, new vistas. New sparks my imagination and also means I'm not bored. I think I get bored easily. Any of you that actually spend physical time with me will know that I tend not to spend too much time in one place for too long. I am not a fan of lingering in the familiar whether that's a chair, a house, a shop, a bar (well maybe if its an amazing bar), so please don't get annoyed with me if I wriggle a bit in your company. It really is me, not you.


I don't mean the warmth I get from spending time with my husband. I mean the ambient air temperature. Give me warmer than it is at home. Give me the sun beating down on my SPF'd and covered up body. Give me a twinkling body of water so I can watch the reflections dash around in the wake of a splashing bird or boat.


I admit it, I'm a bit of a geek. Well, ok, I am geeky. I love to be in nature and looking at nature. I can enjoy the buzz of city but not for too long I yearn for the green and to catch the sight of some mammal, bird or insect. So much so that I have asked my husband to drive us from Las Vegas all the way up the coast to Monterey in California just so we can go whale watching for two consecutive days in a row for my wedding anniversary present this year. Bless him, he's agreed.

SO that's it. That's what I, er, I mean we love to do on holiday.

Why don't you really think about what brings you joy on holiday? I know I get a better experience in planning where we go because of admitting to myself what I really love to do and having to tell my husband no, I really want to go somewhere new. After all if I'm happy, we're happy.

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