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Teas that help beat Sugar Cravings

Who would have thought that a simple cup of tea could help beat your sugar cravings. There are a few discoveries to share with you that we've found help stopping us reach for that 3pm sugar fix.

Firstly if you have tried the 5:2; the 800 Diet or just cutting down on what you put in your mouth these little tips could help you loose a few pounds.

The biggest discovery we have had is that just like putting a tea-bag in hot water creates flavoured hot water, the same works with Sparkling Cold water. When you're trying to reduce your sugar in take this is a great tip as you're able to add flavour to your water with very little if any calories added to your drink. Our favourite flavours are Spearmint, Lemon and ginger and Raspberry Leaf to add to sparkling water.

If you like things to be very sweet, have you tried liquorice tea? It is very sweet, and really helps when you are craving something sweet but don't want those extra calories to be consumed. Liquorice tea has helped me.

Turkish delight is super sweet, and if it is a flavour that you enjoy perhaps consider giving Rose Pouchong Tea a go? Fortnum and Masons sell a tea bag version.

Great tea brands that we have discovered are Teapigs, Fortnum and Masons and Mighty Leaf Tea. These guys use the best ingredients so that you don't end up with 'powdery' tea like some of the well-known brands produce.

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