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Train Travel in Europe

Updated: May 20, 2020

Thinking about exploring Europe? Have you thought about going by train? For me it is the best way to see the view, engage with the view, and more often than not arrive at your destination quicker than you would by car. Although, speed isn't always a good thing, as it is wonderful to get lost in the view.

I travelled from Preston through France and Italy to have a holiday on the Amalfi coast. It was so much fun and cheaper than you think if you book it in advance. We got there 1st Class (apart from the eurotunnel where we travelled premium) for just over £300 each.

We got the best seats with the best views all down to the website, the Man in Seat 61. Take a look at his website. It’s great to think of all the wonderful places you can explore by train.

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all views are my own

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