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Waste less

Updated: May 20, 2020

As you might have gathered by this being my second blog post this week I am trying to write more on here.

Today's post was inspired this morning by my friend Jen's instagram post about using less cotton pads when cleansing her face.

So let's start with that. I use at least four extra large cotton pad's a day to cleanse my face so rather than continue to buy them at the cost of about £20 a year. Purchasing bamboo pads that I can throw in the wash after use sounds like a brilliant idea and it will save money too after only 11 months I will be in profit, and so will the environment.


I like these ones by Luxja as they're triple layered, and have a handy bag that you can wash them in and a pretty storage bag for them thrown in too.


I've also been a fan for a long time now of Abel and Cole. They have an amazing selection of organic produce and deliver once a week in recycled card board boxes that are insulated with wool. I leave them out and they collect them when they deliver to me. For my postcode delivery seems to be around 6am every Friday, luckily you don't have to speak to the delivery driver when they arrive as they just leave everything for me to collect when I crawl out of bed. They make sure the delivery is protected from the elements by leaving it in my carport for me. The time of delivery and day varies from postcode to postcode.

I love the quality of their produce, it seems to surpass the organic fruit and vegetables other supermarkets provide. And if there is ever anything that's delivered that's not up-to-scratch they always promptly send me a refund.

You get £20 off your first order if you try them with this link


Urgh, no one likes them, period.

I've been using THINX for about 18 months now. Thanks to the wonder of the internet cookies fairies placed an advert for them on my screen!

What are they? They are washable, reusable undies that absorb your period and are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products. Depending on how heavy your periods flow (light, medium or heavy) the THINX underwear can replace pads, tampons, liners and cups or be worn with them for extra protection. They're like normal underwear but so much better during this time of the month. And I can verify that they are comfortable too. I normally take a large in underwear but chose a size bigger so that they had a bit more room in, and I'm glad I did. I find I'm sensitive to all things during this time of the month and would like a bit more wiggle room.

THINX are washable and re-usable. After rinsing, wash them separately, or with the rest of your laundry (just steer clear of bleach and fabric softener!).

They have a 60 day risk free trial, and although they are sent to you from America they are easy to buy. And if you buy them with this link you will get £7.83 worth of credit which is today's rate of $10 USD converts to £ GBP.

So there you go we've already saved the environment so much waste just from embracing those three things into our lives. If this has sparked an idea in you to waste less please take a look at the website RecycleNow for more ideas.

there maybe paid for affiliate links contained within blog postings.

all views are my own

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