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Wine Lovers Gift Guide

For your wine loving friend here is my exclusive 2023 gift guide.

This book is a easy to use reference guide to the wonderful world of wine. It cleverly uses images and infographics to enable the reader understand wine fundamentals, explore the different wine regions and pick their perfect drop.

gift receivier: beginner to expert.

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For the wine geeks, who like to play around with getting the serving temperature just right to give the aromas a chance of leaping out of the glass.

Treat them to the

gift receivier: beginner to expert.

Neel Burton, also known as the Blind Wine Man on social media has everything the serious wine thinker want to know about wine in one complete volume. If you would like a series of books to delve deeper than these are the two books for you What they lack in pictures they make up for in content. It truly is a concise guide to wine tasting and blind tasting in two volumes.

gift receivier: enthusiast to expert.

Want to focus on what you're drinking? These wine tasting sheets help you do that.

I bought a pack and photocopied them to use them again and again.

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gift receivier: enthusiast to expert.

I hope your wine loving friends, family or loved one enjoys your thoughtful gifts. Cheers to you.

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