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How do Art and Wine combine?

A palate for wine, and palette of colour.

You might wonder why I am an artist and a wine educator? Both involve sharing joy. There is magic in appreciating the ethereal qualities of a glass of wine. For me wine is a conversation maker, story teller, time capsule, that constantly evolves in front of you and with your own experiences. There is a symmetry between this and a landscape painting, as beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. A painting can transport you to a place, a memory, the smells of the sea or a specific view and be timeless and of the time too.  

If you're interested in discovering your own palate and palette you can attend the event I'm hosting at Langham Village Hall on Wednesday 10th April. Discover the joys of tasting wine, and learn how to talk about the style of wines that you enjoy in an informal environment.

Take your senses on a journey. We will be exploring tasting wine with matched cheeses, and works of art. Raising money for the charity, the British Heart Foundation too. An added bonus there will be exclusive discounts for purchases made on the night. Hosted by myself Sophia Williams, northerner bon-viveur extraordinaire, and WSET accredited wine educator, it is sure to be an interesting and fun night. Tickets are available through eventbrite.

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