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Discoveries that make my travel easier

Updated: May 20, 2020

Here are some of my most random discoveries acquired whilst travelling. Rather than pad this post out with imagery of me doing these things. I've just lumped them all in.

Whilst you're in a hotel....

Butter or margarine on the cup of a saucer of coffee or tea. This helps to melt it as quite often they are brought to you out of a cold fridge.

Warming your plate on the toaster. You just can't beat a warm plate on holiday. Quite often they are lacking. So if there is a toaster that whirls around to toast your toast, place your plate on top. Note, be aware of any fire hazards by doing this, if it is just a normal toaster I wouldn't bother trying!

In toilets the world over...

Dryer two hands. Saving time if you've got to use a hand dryer and its a small space, and no one else is there. Extend one hand under one dryer and the other hand under the other simultaneously and you'll feel like a hand dryer ninja. Or maybe that is just me?!

Through airport security...

Don't leave any tins in hand luggage as could be mistaken for liquids. I found this out with a tin full of rescue remedy sweets. They now live in my clear plastic bag.


Those security trays have been touched by hundreds of people and never cleaned. I always use anti bacterial hand cleanser as soon as I'm through.

Long Haul travel pack list.....

Face masks for long haul flights, I have a paper sheet one that imparts beautiful smelling rose oil on my face. I tend to wear just sunscreen and face powder on flights now so that I can use this without looking like a panda. It works to help prevent the dryness that you get from the airconditioning. This is the one I use from Andalou. I buy them from Bodykind, and use Quidco to get cash back.

Carry anti bacterial wet wipes with you whilst travelling, always, they pass through airport security as well.

Powdered sunscreen for hair line and also use it as a setting powder for my face. I use the brand Brush On Block which you can buy from Amazon, and get the refits from.


I have a packing list for each type of holiday. The one where we take the dog and roam around the UK. This is one where there are random things on it like coffee press (I like strong coffee), Beetroot powder (beetroot reduces blood pressure), metal detector (fair enough this isn't on everyones list!) Then there's short haul beach, and long haul holiday ones too.

Road trips always include our trusty Stanley flask so that we can drink decent black coffee wherever we are.

We always pack these handy towel clips too.

Bon voyage, there maybe other tips that I've forgotten and will amend this post when they spring to mind!

there maybe paid for affiliate links contained within blog postings.

all views are my own

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