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Sustainable Second Hand Fashion

Updated: May 20, 2020


This is the first of my posts on sustainable fashion; as there will be others. This is a highly dynamic area where there are lots of great people doing amazing things to make us shift from our disposable economy to a sustainable one. Fast fashion is having a phenomenal impact on the environment, and it needs to stop.

Oh la la, the Parisian born collective, Vestaire, has been going for 10 years, and it is here to stay. They employ 300 people globally and acquire over 25,000 items per week from sellers. You can sell directly with them in an eBay style where you post out the item, or there is an option to send the item to the Vestaire offices to authenticate it and sell it on your behalf. This gives buyers assurance when they authenticate the luxury item and it will most likely sell for a higher price. Reassuring as a buyer too. Global sellers, so you can source globally or just click on the United Kingdom option to source items in the UK. £10 your first order with the code WELCOME. Click on the link below to give them a whirl.


The online fashion agency, based from a single shop in London is a little gem of a dress agency. There pricing isn't sky high, and they seem to have a great turnover of items, and value your custom immensely. New customers get 10% off their first order with the code NEWCUST10

HEWI - Hardly Ever Worn It

The online fashion agency, darling, of the 'ab-fab' style high end crowd. London based, plenty of stock turnover, and a great search facility. They could teach a lot of traditional retailers a thing or two in the search department! It gets a trust pilot rating of 4*, and they accept returns.

Designer Exchange

The new kid on the block, established it 2013. Mainly offering bags, and accessories, although they do have clothing too, quite a lot of it. They have physical outlets as well as an online portfolio with shops in Knightsbridge, Kensington, Manchester, Birmingham and Madrid. They offer instant cash payment or exchange for designer items if you're selling your wardrobe. Which is a great way of getting rid of something quickly without the hassle of selling anything.

Love it or loath it, it has very much stood the test of time. The problem with it is that it is now so prevalent it is rare that you can pick up the bargains that we once could 5-10 years ago. However, you can pick up the odd gem. I recommend popping in a search to the bar of eBay, and then pressing the heart and saving it. Say you fancy an Alexander McQueen Cape, or a Zimmerman Maxi. Pop that in, and then press save and you can get email and text alerts when items matching your search pop up. I must admit I've had some absolute bargains by doing this over the years. Remember as well your brands sizing, if your a uk12, and it is a french brand you will be a 40 FR, and a US 8.


Never used it, seems to be something for the younger generation. In my mid thirties I have heard of it though. It seems to be the 'eBay' of just fashion items. Give it a whirl

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