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My Christmas Wishlist

Updated: May 20, 2020

For Christmas I want enduring world peace, the end to extremism (in all guises), and for everyone to be happy and healthy.

When that's all been delivered by Mr Claus (pretty please) can I have the icing on the cake too?

Here are some of the lovely things that I think are lovely for presents this Christmas.

I am a LARGE, yes, LARGE or a 14. Thanks.

Silk PJs

OK so if you can afford these, and love me, I would very much like another pair of Silk PJs. They are my new favourite thing. I have worn my M&S ones since purchase. I absolutely love them. So please can I have this set:

This is not a drill, they are on sale until midnight from Harvey Nichols.

Here is the link,

Or this set by HUSH UK

So, in January 2019 I went plant based. The two cook books that have been my absolute saviours, are Dirty Vegan, and Hugh’s Veg. Luckily, just in time for Christmas there is an encore book to Dirty Vegan. Aptly named, Dirty Vegan Another Bite.

Here is the link to the latest book: I would be elated to receive this at Christmas. As would any omnivore, plant based eater, or vegan.

My favourite Paraben Free Make Up brands glittery eyeshadows are perfect for everyday sparkle. I absolutely love them. I would very much like the green version from Hourglass Cosmetics.

You can by them from Liberty London, Cult Beauty, Selfridges and Feelunique to name a few of the outlets.

Here is the link to the shade I’m currently coveting on Cult Beauty.

Failing purchasing any of the above. I would also love anything from the shop of WWF.

Or something with fringing, or rose embroidered, or something with the stars and moon on.

If I win the lottery I am buying myself this fab necklace from Boodles:

Or the equivalent from their Circus range.


Also love Jessica Russell Flint's silk creations. Any of them would be delightful. Especially something with a tiny print running through it.

Hopefully you've found some inspiration for yourself, or what to buy me.

there maybe paid for affiliate links contained within blog postings.

all views are my own

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