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Do you know a cook, a foodie, or anyone with a kitchen?

Updated: May 20, 2020

I've been thinking about the most useful Christmas gifts that I have ever received.

About 4 years ago, my friend M, bought me the most practical, the most "Why have I not thought of buying this for myself" Christmas present, an electronic nut grinder from Cuisinart. When I unwrapped it I thought, oh this is a bit of a random gift. Now I wouldn't be without it. It is one of the things I use the most in my collection of kitchen gadgets.

I've just used it to make a breadcrumb topping. I regularly use it for grinding nuts, as well as coffee beans, and toppings for things. When you've used it you can lob the top and the lid in the dishwasher. Whereas washing up my blender or food processor is a lot more effort.

Its not that big either so if you've got a loved one that likes a clutter free kitchen, then this is great as it doesn't have a large space footprint at all. It can be easily tidied away.

Anyway, I would highly recommend buying one. Take a look for yourself, Cuisinart Nut Grinder.

Culinart Nut Grinder, £45, Amazon

The other most useful present I've thought of is my Breville Toastie maker. If you've got a friend who likes a snack when they come in from a night out. Then this is the present for them. They can quickly and easily make a savoury toastie for a snack rather than calling their local pizza delivery service. It will save them a fortune too. All they've got to do is have bread and cheese in, and they've nailed their snack. It even works well with vegan cheese.

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