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Got a habit you want to drop, or start?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Hi, my name's Sophia, and I'm a newly converted Audible Addict.

I know it is not for everyone. I also love to read on my kindle and read physical books. When I'm out and about in the car or on a train or bus I can listen to books without the need for bringing something to read them with me. I know you can read on your phone, with various apps, such as Kindle. I just prefer not to always be looking at a blue screen. This gives me the chance to idly look at the view and absorb the spoken words of the author.

I respected, and enjoyed the sentiment of this book. It comprehensively does what is says on the cover. Some of the stories were long winded, so I was able to spead those sections up on audible by 1.5 times reading spead. For me, the best bit, was the practical appendix at the end of the book. Anyone thinking that they want to change their cookie addiction, or perhaps figure out why they vape, or get annoyed with their loved one when they do something. Then I would highly recommend reading this book. Perhaps skimming through the lengthy middle section.

I have recently jumped head first into the warmth of Elizabeth Gilbert's Book, Big Magic. It was recommended to me by an artist friend, Norman Long. Whose work I love, as well as his teachings (I go to his art class once a week).

How I love being enveloped by the sound of her voice on Audible. It is totally comforting, warming, and enriching in a way that at times fills me with so much joy that tears roll down my face. I cannot tell you how much I am loving this book. I am eternally grateful that this book has been created. It really is inspiring, reassuring, and validating. We all need a little bit of validation and this delivers it with abundance and conviction. Please treat yourself to this book whether you see yourself as a creative individual or not.

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