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Easy Sustainable Swaps

Updated: May 26, 2020

This week I am going to drip feed you some fantastic Sustainable Swaps that I have made.

I like to make little changes to help the planet, that are easy to implement, and more importantly work.

Pee, Perspirations, Periods & Pregnancy Underwear

They're not just for periods either, they're for leaky bladders or sweaty bums. They have pants for men as well as women.

The two brands I have tried, and wear are ModiBodi and Thinx

These guys produce some sexy and comfortable period underwear. In my opinion they are a game changer. You don't have to use tampons, menstrual cups or period towels again. You just wear the pants and wash them. Nothing goes to landfill.

Who knew that making a positive impact could be as easy as changing your underwear & swimwear?

My routine

I have a heavy flow at the beginning which tapers off as the 6 days go on. Not everyone is the same. I am sharing my period underwear routine that works for me.

Heavy Flow

During the first couple of days I wear these bad boys.

Comfortable, and pretty too. These sensual high waist briefs from ModiBodi. Are a true to size fit. I prefer that as I don't want them to leak. I have three pairs of these. And if you sign up to their newsletter like I did you will also get 10% your first purchase. The box to do this is on the bottom of their home page.

I wear my ModiBodi shorts at night as I feel more comfortable wearing the shorts in bed as I am a wriggler! I bought three pairs.

The end is nigh

When everything has eased off a little, I transition to the lighter absorbency wear from ModiBodi.

And I wear the lighter absorbency pants from Thinx too.

It all depends what's available and clean.

Washing these pants is easy. I just bung them on a quick 15 minute cold wash with no detergent in the machine, and then I do a quick 30 minute wash with detergent but no fabric softener.

Photo Credit: ModiBodi

The great news is that ModiBodi do a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, and Thinx! do a 60 day one too. They both have swimwear too. Which I will be trying when we can all get back on holiday.

there maybe paid for affiliate links contained within my blog postings. all my views are my own.

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