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Fabulous Finds at Fortnums 2023

Whenever I venture into London. I always make time for a decadent delve into #FortnumandMasons. It is a cornicopia of #foodie gems.

One of my favourites of 2023 is the Fortnum and Mason Mustard and Dill Sauce. I dollop it on my plate with a steamed filet of Salmon or I make a delightful smorgasbord of Cornichons, Pickles, Smoked Fish, Smoked Cheese and use it as the perfect accompaniment to the plate. I love the fact that its ingredients are natural, and unlike other Dill and Mustard Sauces on the market the it contains more mustard than oil.

Fortnum and Mason's delightful English sparkling rosé is made by the delightful #Gusbourne estate exclusively for them. I had the pleasure of discovering this English rosé in their wine cellar back in March accompanied by Oysters and a red wine and shallot dressing. A match that exceeded my expectations and tantalised my tastebuds. At £36.50 a bottle it is well priced, and worth every penny.

For my go to Sunday lie-in breakfast accompaniment to Sourdough Toast it has to be the quintessentially English #OrganicMarmalade from #HighgroveHouse at £6.95 it is a must buy for me. With citrus fruit's I only ever buy organic, as the citrus plant is one that most retains a cocktail of pesticides if you don't buy the organic product.

Organic Hedgerow Liqueur is a parcel of sunshine in a glass. If you've not tried it, its a must. It's a lovely drink that reminds you of autumn walks in the setting sunshine. You can drink it on its own as a post meal drink or pre dinner drink, whenever you fancy! Or you can put a splash of it into the bottom of a glass to top up with some Organic Highgrove Champagne. It knocks the socks off cassis.

If you need a lovely present for a wedding. Why not create a custom blend of Fortnum and Mason tea at £25 that you can present to the happy couple on their wedding day? I think it makes a lovely gift that will also be a momento for the rest of their lives.

These #Noveltytortoisechocolates at £5.95 are a must by for someone who has a Tortoise!

Well, that's why I've bought some to give to my lovely friend as part of her birthday hamper.

The novelty tortoise chocolates sum up Fortnum and Masons for me. There is always an exquisite version of something lovely to gift yourself or a loved one. What more can you wish from a store than that???!

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