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How to fly like a frequent flyer

Updated: May 20, 2020

Wouldn’t it be fab if you could breeze easily in and out of airports with no hassle. If only! With different airports having different requirements for airport security, it can all feel a little bit stressful and not relaxing at all. Some wants shoes off, some want no belts, some want your smart watches off, some want your kindle out separately, some don’t care about your kindle. Argghhh!

Here are all the little tips that I’ve gleaned from other people, and my own little inventions that make going in airports and planes a breeze.

Seat selection

Recent studies have shown that you need to be away from the toilets to minimise your chances of catching a bug on a plane. This is because lots of people hang out around the toilets and therefore you come into contact with more peoples germs by being seated at the very front or very back of the plane.

Antibacterial Gel

Airports are bacteria and viruses best friends. Think about all the different places they’ve flown in from to live on the airport security trays, to reside on toilet doors and on the handles to opening overhead lockers on planes. Yuck! I always make sure that at a very minimum I pack antibacterial liquid or foam in my liquid bags.


I tend to wear trainers or flat sandals through the airport. I wear trainers if I’m going somewhere where it won’t be humid and hot on arrival. I will wear sandals if it will be humid and hot on arrival. Makes travelling through the airport pain free and also means that when your feet expand during a flight that you don’t end up causing your feet paint trying to put them back on.


Think about where you are going. It is quite often, more expensive to buy basic generic paracetamol and ibuprofen abroad then in the UK. It only costs about 50p at a supermarket for 12 tablets. Buy them before you fly or at the very least get some at the Boots at the UK airport you’re flying out of. Be aware that you can't take stronger painkillers into certain countries so check before you fly if you're packing Codeine or anything stronger.


I always travel comfortably. I like comfort and that’s the most important thing that I consider in what I wear. I tend to wear things with an elaasticated waist band! Super soft bamboo is my go to fabric for flying. My particular favourites are from Bambooclothing and Asquith.

Carry On

Check with your airline's T&C to see if you can take a small handbag as well as a piece of hang luggage that can go in the overhead locker. Some airlines restrict you or only allow you to take two pieces if you pay for extra leg room seats or your travelling in business class. I personally always travel with a wheely bag and a handbag even if I’ve got a piece of luggage in the hold.

I always pack the irreplaceable items in my carry on. For me that's my iPad, any dressy shoes (as I have wide feet so getting replacements are nearly impossible), my clutch bag, charging cables(convenient to have to hand), and headphones.

Spare clear plastic bags also go in my carry on, as you never know when you might need a replacement.

Overhead Locker

I watched an elegant woman popping her handbag into the dust bag it came with before placing it in the overhead locker on a short haul flight. Genius I thought. The lockers are not nice places for any luggage.

Imagine all the stuff and dirt that’s come off previous flyers luggage wheels and dirt in them. You could always do this with a thick shopping bag if you don’t have a dust bag.


Long haul I shrivel up without moisturiser. This includes my eyes too. I include eye drops or individual eyedrops in my liquids bag. I also put some general moisturiser, a creamy marine friendly SPF (my favourite is any from Green People) and hand cream in the bag too. Bear in mind that you still get UV rays on a plane; especially if you sit by the window. So don't skimp on that sunscreen.

Sheet Mask

I wear no make up when I travel on a long haul flight, so using a sheet mask is easy to do. Be aware that you would need to cleanse your face of make up before using one of these. I tend to put minimal make up on a the end of the flight instead.

This one from Andalou is my favourite as it contains no plastic, super moisturising and is reasonably priced. Make sure you don't get any serum into your eye like I did once. I was blinking away for about 5 minutes! So make sure you use this whilst there isn't any turbulence.

Sleeping extras

My go to sleep kit for a flight is my silk eye mask, lavender oil, and relaxing balm. I keep the oil and balm in my liquids bag. I use the balm and lavender oil at home too, so these guys come everywhere with me as part of my sleep ritual.


Short haul I always carry a credit card handy for any in flight drink purchases.

Long haul I make sure I've already got a mixed selection of currency of the country to hand of where we're heading. Useful for taxis, tips, and water bottle purchases in the airport if like me you like to have one to hand for taxi journeys. I tend to use a repurposed make up bag or an airline inflight toiletries bag for the my foreign currency.

Air vent

Recent studies have revealed that if you're on an old fashioned styled plane with your own air vent, they advise you have this on and pointed on your face. It helps blow away other peoples germs from your face.

Enjoy your next flight.

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all views are my own

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