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Looking Down As Well as UP - Nature Walks

The eye of the artist.

When I go for a walk, I always tend to look up, across, to the distance, and to the near - at eye level. Never down.

Having spent the morning a couple of weeks ago at the amazing #SandringhamEstate #mushroomhunting with #DrTonyLeech I am in awe of what is on the path below as well as the eye line now.

I took my lovely friend, Janey, for a walk along the Bridle Path at #LadyAnnsDrive in #Holkham and we looked down at the beauty of the #Fungi as well as up and across at the ever beautiful landscape at the #HolkhamEstate.

I think it's great to change your perspective from time to time.

I highly recommend going on a Fungi exploration with the fascinating Dr Tony Leech at Sandringham.

Look in every direction from now on.

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