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Memory giving gifts

Updated: May 20, 2020

This year I am trying to buy less things and give more memories. I think memory based gifts are enhanced when the recipient has physical items to remember those experiences by.

Here are my three favourite ways of remembering all the fun things I do throughout the year.

Various colours starting from £11 from Amazon

A really easy item to pop in your hand luggage or leave on the kitchen table. I use it to reflect on the previous 24 hours. You don't have to be the most eloquent writer (a bonus for me!) and you just write down whatever you can fit into the 5 lines for the previous day or just before you go to bed.

It is a great gift to give to those relatives that complain that they can't remember what they've done lately. With this little tool at their disposal they will realise how much they pack into their weeks without realising it; I know I do.

From £169.99 from Amazon

A great little device. I've got one of their original photo frames where you add the photos via a memory stick.

This 10.1inch Nixplay Smart Photo Frame (they go up to 15.6inches) is a huge upgrade because you can now load up photos to it remotely to Google Photos and it will play them. Which is a brilliant idea. It means I can send select family photos to send to my Gran's album on Google Photos, and they appear on her Photo Album 150 miles away.

If you've got a relative abroad that you would like to send family photos too, they can also receive them with a simple upload to the app. Genius!

Layflat A4 from £44.99 with Photobox

To save time and effort, throughout the year, I upload photos to an album called Year 2020 or whatever year it currently is on my Photobox App on my phone. Then at the end of the year I scroll onto Quidco to see what Cashback is available for Photobox, then, I click through the Quidco link to Photobox and buy a Layflat Photobook Credit with 70 pages. It is always cheaper (well, it has been the past 10 years I have done a photoalbum with Photobox) to purchase a photo album credit in December, rather than just a straight photo album. They don't offer Credits all year around, so sometimes it is just better to wait for a 50% off, offer in January.

When you're ready to make a photo album, open up your years' album on Photobox, and then click create a product. It couldn't be simpler. If you've purchased a credit it lets you redeem this at the very end of checkout. If you have any problems in making an album their help section is fantastic. I just drop the pictures I want on the page and then press shuffle. I have found that is the quickest way to create an album. If you want to be extra lazy they will also create an album for you based on the photos you've uploaded. I prefer to select mine.

All of these lovely gifts enable you or your family or friends to reflect on experiences you've shared together and experience the happy memories again.

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