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Ribblesdale Cheese

I love vegetarian cheese made from goats and sheep’s milk. I’m not kidding (pardon the pun!). It really is my favourite. When I tried the smoked goats cheese from Hawes cheese creator, Ribblesdale I fell in love with its uber smokey-ness.

Ribblesale smoked goats cheese
Ribblesale smoked goats cheese

Created by the unique flavour of the wood chips that they garner from Theakstons brewery down the road at Masham. I tried to buy some locally to me, and my usual supplier had run out and went direct to the Cheese creator Ribblesdale. They do an amazing selection of goat and sheep’s cheeses delivered for £55 and you get 2kg. It sounds like a lot of money but when you factor in the free shipping and you can freeze the cheese. It’s unbelievable value. When my family get round the cheese board at Christmas I’m sure there won’t be an ounce of it left.

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