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Sustainable Swaps: #Water

Having been raised on filtered water, it is something I have continued to do and cherish enjoying. Instead of having an inbuilt water source, or a filter under the tap fitted, I've just gone for the traditional water filter jug. Which means that roughly every 45 days I've required a new water filter. Until 3 months ago, when I bought a Phox V2 Water Filter.

With the purchase of the Phox V2 Water filter, I am now part of the #RefillableRevolution movement.

Instead of disposable filters that you are forced to use with a traditional Brita water jug, you get a refillable filter capsule inside your Phox Jug. Every 3 months I get posted a parcel from Phox Water that contains two sets of a mixed mineral filtration granule pack and a felt fitler pack. Putting them into my refillable filter capsule is a doddle to do. Nothing goes to landfill. Nothing.

Everything has been created, and manufactured within a 50 mile radius of Glasgow too. So by supporting Phox you're supporting a Scottish business that has really taken care in sourcing everything locally. I love that.

Usability, it is noticeably slower than my Brita Water filter jug was at filtering. However, I see that as a good thing. As at least the water, is getting filtered thoroughly, and slowly.

Please give the Phox Water V2 jug a try, I love it.

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