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The best facial I've ever had

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I am lucky enough to have been a spar junky globally, and have treated myself to facials on holiday in fabulous spas. Memorable experiences have been the uplifting therapy after a decadent day or two at the Waldorf Astoria in Vegas, and equally rejuvenating experience in the vines at the Marques De Riscal in Rioja. In the UK I've had cryotherapy facials, the iconic facial, and rejuvenating facials at spas in the Lake District and further afield in the capital.

The hands down most effective, rejuvenating, and detoxing sculpting facial I've ever had is with Olga Richardson in Southrepps in Norfolk. From the moment you arrive at her beautiful house in Southrepps (which is a gorgeous little village just a five minute drive away from North Walsham or Cromer) and you're greeted by Olga at the door you know you can relax. When you have a treatment with Olga everything is centred on you. There is no waiting room, other than the seating area in her clinic. You get the entire place to yourself. The splendid isolation is a treat in itself, no receptionist, no bumping into someone in the car park. It is just you and Olga in her treatment clinic.

The journey to your facial is as relaxing as the facial itself. The treatment room is filled with uplifting aroma of rose, emanating from the flickering candles in the beautiful 19th century fireplace. It just imbues you with a sense of calm from the get-go. Next up in your treatment journey is to sit down with Olga, and talking through your existing regime, and also what you're looking for from your bespoke facial. I am instantly at ease, and instantly reassured. She's got over 30 years hands on facial creation experience, and you can tell. Her knowledge of the skin, is like no-one else's that I've talked to. After your chat Olga disappears as you get ready, and she assess' your skin under her giant monocle tool (I'm not sure what it's called) it was reassuringly big. Then you have a wonderful array of cleansing treatments depending on what your skin needs, and then Olga's sculpting signature massage technique is as relaxing as it is effective in draining away the years. After a facial like this, no others will compare. You can tell why her global clientele fly in to see her when she is available in her Harley Street clinic. An hour and a half with Olga, grants you plump, revitalised, rejuvenated skin without the need for injectables.

I can highly recommend investing in your skin and investing in facials with Olga at Thirns.

To try Olga and to find out how amazing her treatments are, book with this offer code which will get you £20 off your first facial with Olga at her clinic in Southrepps.

Offer code is NORFOLK

Here is the link to book your facial with Olga:

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