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Tristan Gooley - The Natural Navigator

A picture of the blog post entitled a Plein-air artists' manual by Tristan Gooley, the Natural Navigator
Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator, Blog Post: "A Plein-Air Artists' Manual"

Screenshot Credit: Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator, Blog Post: A Plein-Air Artist's Manual

I think I tell a stranger on average once a day about how useful it is to read either 'The Secret World of Weather' or 'How to Read Water' by Tristan Gooley- I class myself as a fan of his work. I am in awe of how one person, Tristan, has devoured so many clues on how to read our natural environment. I haven't had cataracts (fingers crossed I won't either) although I feel like a 'film' of cloudiness has been lifted by reading those two books.

I wrote to Tristan, and thanked him for writing a tome of application for artists who work Plein-air (paint outside). Being able to read the landscape has enabled me to avoid downpours, wind tunnels, and being blinded by the sun.

"Tristan’s book, The Secret World Of Weather, in my opinion is a Plein-Air Artists’ Manual on how to be in-tune with nature. It enables an artist to pick the right spot to paint the landscape.

The chapter on Clouds, has been of most use as to how to plan my days, with the Seven Golden Patterns** becoming a tool of assessment that is woven into my morning routine, afternoon routine and evening routine!

A fine and crisp January morning after assessing the clouds the previous day, led me to bundle my Labrador in the car and head off to Holkham Estate’s Beach. The sky had been telling me that this was the window of opportunity as the weather wouldn’t be great in the coming hours. Too many cloud types were present. The afternoon was awash with rain, which continued for 36 hours.”

Without Tristan's help, this painting, Holkham Beach Winter Walk, wouldn't exist.

Please take a look at Tristan Gooley's work, along with the Blog Post he has written about me.

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