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What's that smell?

Updated: May 20, 2020

One of my nicknames is dog nose. I used to be able to smell things that no one else could. About 5 days ago that all changed. I couldn't smell anything. My dogs breath, no. The smell of coffee in the morning. The delightful toffee tones. All gone. As a result my taste went too. All in an instant. My husband and I had been self isolating since 11th March when he had developed a runny nose, then a cough. Then I did too. This symptom only appeared five days ago. It could be Coronavirus it might be another viral infection who nose, sorry knows. Couldn't resist that joke!

I instantly did online research as to how to get it back, and if it will come back. And sadly, it's unclear if there is permanent damage or not.

Luckily there is a fantastic charity called Abscent. Which deals in all types of smell loss. I had know idea that people could lose their sense of smell after a head injury?! I am now in awe of the profound effect this has on peoples lives.

If like me you've been suffering with a lack of smell, and taste. Then please watch this video.

I have been smell training, and nasal washing, and noticed more smell and taste every day. There is hope.

Please also watch this video on Nasal Rinsing at home. I have also found this helpful.

And finally a nasal rinse curtesy of the NHS website:

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