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Work in Progress November 2021

Arggggh please forgive me, these #iphone snapped photos aren't the best. I need to get my decent camera out. Anyhow, rather than wait for me to do that. I thought you might want to take a sneaky #previewofmywork that I've been creating which are now in the framers in #wellsnextthesea.

Here are some #originaloil paintings of the #NorthNorfolkcoast that I have been working on for the past couple of months in between completing a lot of privately commissioned work.

They are a little tighter than I have been working. By that, I mean, they're more realistic in part. I haven't used as many loose brushstrokes as I have been doing. I think the overall effect of the feel of the landscape works. I have been trying to vary my mark making without the pieces feeling overly stylised. I think that I have achieved that with these two pieces.

They're both #SquareLandscape Oil Paintings done on Canvas and are in with the #Framers now.

The first piece if of the amazing, an ever changing, path at #Holkham Beach on the #HolkhamEstate I am planning on reviewing this view over the seasons and years and watching the paintings unfurl and evolve. Here is my first ever one.

My second piece is of the famous and fabulous #StiffkeyBridges I didn't want to overwork them or the people enjoying themselves in the #Potassium ladened mud on the #NorthNorfolkCoast. I plan on revising this landscape throughout the seasons too. When this piece was worked on, the #SeaLavender and #Samphire were in full flow. I hope you enjoy gazing at my #OriginalStiffkeyOilPainting as much as I do. I will do a photoshoot when it is back from the framers.

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