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Updated: May 20, 2020

I love supporting the producers in my local area. This spills over to include my love of all things alcoholic. Luckily for me I live in the the wonderful region of Lancashire which is overflowing with delightful independent shops and scrumptious producers.

I am blessed to have The Whalley Wine Shop a train hop away from my doorstep. They are constantly innovating with their offerings, and frequently host delicious tastings. One of which I was lucky to attend was their promotion of the Batch Innovations Spirits Club from Batch Brewing Company from Burnley, Lancashire. Each month the master distiller gets to tinker with the Gin and create something different and display his creative flare. You subscribe to receive whatever he has created for £32, and you get a surprise once a month. I have loved how it has pushed the boundaries of my Gin and Tonic at home into new areas. They deliver all over the UK not just to Lancashire.

My personal favourite has been the most recent one that I received, the Gin Rummy. Made in Sherry oak casks it has a delightful flavour and works particularly well with Ginger Beer.

To find out more about your locally distilled spirits, visit your local independent wine shop and get engaged with their offerings. If you're lucky enough to live in Lancashire, head to Whalley, and visit the Whalley Wine Shop.

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