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5 handy tips when you're moving house

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Lockdown has created a national desire to make our homes a place of wonder, and joy. This has lead to a surge in people chosing to change where they live to improve their enjoyment of their outside space. A semi-rurual location has become quite important for movers. Personally, myself and Mr W have decided to go one step further and uproot ourselves entirely. We're uprooting ourselves from our beautiful Victorian detached abode in Lancashire with its #woodland vista and move to the sea and marshes of North Norfolk.

As my house as not yet sold, I thought I could promote it and share some moving house tips that I've found useful in getting ready to move.

1. Create your list of who to inform of your change of address, right away

Start this now, as soon as you've put your house on the market. You don't know how quickly yours will sell, and secondly there are always more companies to inform than you remember intially. I began mine a few weeks ago and I've added an extra one today when our car had a hiccup and I needed to speak to the RAC. The RAC is now on my change of address list.

I created five columns:


2. Sophia (Your name)

3. Martin (Partners name)

4.Date Contacted

5. Change complete

TIP: If you've got children you'll need to add them onto the list too; as I'm sure there will be companies and organisations that will need to know their new address.

2. Start filing

I've created a folder for the house I am selling, and one for the one that I am buying.

In the Hollybank folder (the one I'm selling) I've put in all the guarantees for the Kitchen, and bathrooms. The purchase price of the kitchen, bathrooms and all the receipts. All the information on the boilers. All the instruction booklets for the appliances, and temperature controls for the house. The farrow and ball colour chart has been included and I've circled the ones that I've used for different rooms. If you've done any work that has needed planning permission include that too.

I want to make life easy for the new owner of Hollybank by giving them all the information they need in one place. Wouldn't it be nice if someone did that for you? The only way we can encourage others to do this is by trailblazing by example.

In the file for the house we're buying we've got all the documentation from the surveyor, solicitor, estate agent, and the drawings and measurements.

3. Get in touch with removal companies and get quotes.

Make the decision as to whether or not you want to do all the hard work, or if you can afford to, pay someone else to do it for you. We've chosen to work with a wonderful Lancashire firm called James Westerman Removals.

4. Clear out before you move out.

It amazes me how many people move house without having done this. No one needs to cart baggage around with them forever. Be ruthless, if you don't love it or use it; give it away or sell it. It will mean that when you unpack in your new home you're not wondering where to put the object back into hiding.

5. Take photos

Sentimental ones:

Take photos of your home, the features, the view. They're a keepsake that doesn't take up much space in your life.

Practical photos:

The back of your TV, to have a record of where all the cables go. Useful for when you're setting up your TV in the new home.

The back of your music system or Sonos system.


Join the community Facebook group/ Nextdoor App group of where you are moving to. Your new community will be an invaluable source of local knowledge e.g. which Doctor's/Dentists to sign up to.

Relocating to Lancashire? Want a unique home? Want to move to somewhere with a fabulous view? Want privacy and to be connected via a fantastic train line, 5 minute drive to our motorway network? Want wonderful neighbours? Fancy spending time in your garden room where you can absorb your unique victorian woodland view? Want to buy somewhere with no onward chain?

Take a look at Hollybank, replete with its own Holly tree on its bank.

Hollybank, has a unique layout and more so when you narrow it down to its locality in Wilpshire, and even more so in the Ribble Valley. It sets it apart from other properties for sale. The C-shaped layout; linking the main house to the old coach house via our garden room with its beautiful hardwood bifold windows. The icing on the cake is its dry cellar and studio/office. I must say the garden room is an entertainers dream in all seasons, as it faces South, along with our garden.

Images curtesy and copyright Proctors, find out more on Rightmove

Hollybank, 8 Whalley Road, Wilpshire, BB1 9PJ, £550,000

When Mr W and I are asked what we are going to miss most about Hollybank, we both answer without hesitation: our neighbours, the house, the view. All are welcoming, and envelop you in their hospitality 365 days a year.

We have never loved a house any more than this one. Which I guess is the time to sell up, whilst she is at her most resplendent. We call her a she, as her name is Hollybank, and it seems fitting to personify her in this way.

If you're looking for a period detached property in the Ribble valley that needs literally nothing doing to it, unless you really really want to, then this could be the house for you. Take a look at: Hollybank, 8 Whalley Road, Wilpshire, BB1 9PJ, £550,000 - no onward chain

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