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Selling your house in lockdown

Who else is selling their house in Lockdown? I hope my estate agent isn't too annoyed with the constant tagging because of my marketing efforts. I think it's because I can't do much else at the moment due to Lockdown. My creative brain wants to feel productive, and comes up with marketing ideas to sell the house.

So far, I've managed to get Rightmove to feature our house on their Instagram page. I've attained over 300 likes for a post on a Facebook group called English Country Cottages where 12 people that I don't know have kindly shared the post. I've used the fact that my house has a dog proof garden to post cute pictures of my Labrador with her story of the house. Anything to feel like I'm doing something. I've also listed it for sale on all of the selling house groups on Facebook, as well as creating boards on Pinterest of the period features and unique woodland view. Oh did I mention I even created a short guide to life in the Ribble Valley parish Wilpshire, where my house is for sale?

We've had a couple of families nibble at the house. Neither of them are in a position to make an offer yet as they've not sold their homes. I've even resorted to marketing on Facebook groups one of their homes (as they're not on social media) mainly out of kindness and a little need to do something other than twiddle my thumbs.

Take a look at my house that's for sale on Rightmove in the Ribble Valley parish of Wilpshire, Lancashire. It has a dog proof garden; bi-fold hardwood windows in the garden room; unique south facing garden with a woodland view and its packed with modern updates that are sympathetic to the late Victorian Property. Be sure to watch the video tour to get a vibe of our house.

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