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Easy #SustainableSwaps Shower Time

Shower time. OK, why is it that when I say shower time in my head it is in the same voice as MC Hammer? I digress. I've been uncomfortable for a while about my daily lathering in the shower with a plastic shower puff. I've wanted something better, that doesn't involve using plastic.

I've found the solution at Ethical Superstore, Loofah &Co's Body Loofah

At a whopping £2.75 it doesn't break the bank either.

It bloats up in the shower, morphing into a wide sponge that is the perfect conduit for my foamy lather. It gently removes my dead skin cells with every stroke. It results in my body feeling like its been for a professional body scrub. I like the fact it has a cord so that it dries out too after each use.

I know I have written about my love of washable face pads. And the delightful organic cotton ones from A Slice of Green also have a handy drying loop. They're a great addition to any bathroom, and definitely are an #easysustainableswap For a meagre £6.50 they will be saving you money on your usual disposable cotton pads in no time.

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