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The love of a new Macbook

Oh the feeling of a new apple MacBook Air. It is just bliss. It is beautiful. It feels lovely typing away. The way that everything Apple works together.

I am undoubtedly brainwashed into loving all things Apple. It began with my step Dad in the 1990s, he bound into my life and brought with him his beloved Apple Macintosh. Like any love affair my love has evolved and over many technological iterations (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) has been cemented as my technological brand of choice. The lingering appeal is the simplicity of using it, tweaking it and moving with it. The support Apple afford to me remotely or in person, is invaluable too. I am able to wipe a laptop, reinstall the software, all with minimal effort. A few years ago I even managed to upgrade the memory of my Mac, something I suspect was only possible, because it was a Mac that I was upgrading.

Sometimes though I do get frustrated with Apple, and with their price points. I still love them though.

I guess that's the same for all our relationships, whether with a brand or with people. I think that's what Apple has become to me. A part of my family. It has personified.

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